Use correct punctuation in the titles of the essays in English is sometimes a difficult task. Usually, the different rules to follow are based on the type of degree you are going to write. You must capitalize all titles written work, but the score ranges if they are in quotes or italics in the text. To determine which rule is appropriate, you first need to distinguish between types of securities. The Modern Language Association (The Modern Language Association), provides tips and techniques and guidelines that can help students and other writers to correctly write the titles in his essays in English.



Capitalized the first and last word of a title and each verb, noun, adjective and adverb that is part of it. Do not write in capitals prepositions like “in” or articles such as “the” or “a”, unless they are the first or last word of the title. A general rule is to capitalize the words formed by more than three letters.


Write the titles of short works such as poems, stories, songs and commercials in quotes in the text of your essay.


Add quotes around the titles of an essay, play, book chapters and specific episodes of a television series. Do not add quotation marks to the title of your essay if you are in the top of the first page.


Write in cursive names long works such as titles of a poem that forms a book, a novel, a collection or anthology of essays. Use italics in the titles of CDs, albums and tapes, but not in the names of the artists.


Capitalized names of religious works such as the Koran or the Bible.


You can use italics to format the titles of plays, ballets, operas, movies and television series. You can also use the titles of works of visual art such as paintings and drawings.


Add quotes around the titles of specific articles from magazines and newspapers, do not forget to use emphasis with the name of the newspaper or magazine.


Use italics when writing the name of a book, an encyclopedia or a brochure.